This second guide is here to show off some lighting that I really think can help bring your decor game up another notch. As before, I am not an electrician so I wanted to make sure I found some unique lighting that doesn’t require any rewiring or soldering or anything more advanced than plugging it in or turning it on. This second issue will look a bit different than the first volume.

Much of the main lighting hasn’t changed since that first edition and I use that as a staple for getting large “bleeds” of light throughout your house, your haunt, or your haunted house. This second issue will have more unique specific lighting that can really make a difference and create the perfect Halloween scene.

Lastly, I always strive to find the best of the best in quality and price point and I really look forward to the future of the Halloween community becoming brighter and take what we all do and take it to the next level!

Download a printable guide below. Please note that the guide does not contain links. Links to each piece of lighting is below. Some links are affiliate links. Did I miss something? Have questions, PLEASE email me!


Twin Extension Cord

Multiple Outlet Extension Cord

Black Masking Tape

Black Science Project Trifold


Smart Light Bars

LED Rechargeable Mounted Wall Light

G40 String Lights

G40 Red Bulbs

Smart LED Wall Sconces


Color Marquee Lights

Flame Effect String Lights


LED Party Bulb Bullets

Submersible Lights

Flickering Pumpkin Light

Button Lamp


XL LED Fake Fire Flame LIght

Green Laser Level

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