Let me preface this Lighting Guide by saying that I am no electrician or lighting designer…even with a theater background. This is all from trial and error and years of advice from other really great Halloween folk who can light up a room with the best of them. 

Since I am not an electrician, there is no cutting wires, wiring things together, or soldering. Maybe in the next guide! These tips are great for any Halloween lover from beginner to advanced looking to enhance their thriving Halloween display from a single room to the entire estate. 

Prepare to invest some of your budget into nice lighting that won’t let you down. Remember you get what you pay for and this couldn’t be more true than when it comes to shoddy lighting.

Download a printable guide below. Please note that the guide does not contain links. Links to each piece of lighting is below. Some links go to a search page where you may find multiple products. I did this because you may have different needs for those products. Did I miss something? Have questions, PLEASE email me!


Surge protectors 

Extension Cords

Gaffer’s tape

Hanging Pendant Lights

Cord Covers

3 prong to 2 prong attachment

Cable Staple

Zip Ties 

Plug in Dimmer


LED Par Lights

LED Bar Lights

Outdoor LED RGB Flood Lights

Color Changing Light Bulbs

Color Changing Track Lights

Edison Bulbs

Marquee Lights

Flameless Candles (buy these at the thrift store!)

Flicker Bulbs

LED Flicker Bulbs

Rechargeable Flicker Bulbs

Vase Lights

Puck Lights

Clamp Lights

LED Light Strips

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