Before you unpack your sacred Halloween boxes, totes and bins, let’s talk about a great way to pack it back up with a system that lets you know where everything is. I’m always asked where I store all of my decor, but I thought I would share how I store it and why I haven’t looked back.

This is not an ad for this particular storage solution. I prefer this one for its value, ease of use, flexibility and function. A simple idea that will become your Halloween storage best friend. Since discovering these, they have become a legit time saver.

You can buy the ToteScan labels using the button below. There are plenty of other options out there so shop around, but trust me when I say THESE are my absolute go to!

So for around $8 you get 45 labels! These are essentially stickers that you put on your boxes so I would suggest putting a piece of packing tape over top of them since they are paper labels. This way if they get wet they won’t distort or rip the QR code.

Once you have these delivered, download the app, register your account (WHICH IS FREE! NO SUBSCRIPTIONS) and stick your labels on your boxes, totes and bins. After that start scanning these using the app and itemize the contents of each box.

From the screenshots below you can name the tote, its location (attic, garage, workshop, etc) and make it private so no one but the account holder can scan the code or see what is inside. I love that part!

You can add photos of the items, quantity and description. Just hit Save and BOOM, you are set!

Other reasons to love these labels is you can search by item and it’ll tell you what box to look for. You can even ask Alexa where that special pumpkin from Home Goods is located. Plus all your information is stored securely and no fees or subscriptions. Go grab some labels and let’s get organized!

Have questions? Let me know!

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