On a whim I found an estate sale that had plenty of Halloween decorations including some very hard to find treasures. Let’s unpack these boxes together and see what I bought.

During this quarantine time my itch to go Halloween thrifting or shopping had increased and one day I found the perfect way to scratch that itch. I just happened to come across an online yard sale post detailing that they were having an estate sale and everything had to go! Best part, a HUGE lot of Halloween decorations.

Right off the bat, the picture had three old school big blow molds ripe for the picking. I was hooked. I messaged the seller and she said I could come by tomorrow at 11:30am. They were practicing social distancing and trying to avoid too many people.

The three glorious blow molds looking for a new home.

So the next day came and with my gloves and mask in tow I went to check out the estate sale. They had tons of boxes and bags full of stuff. First I wanted to claim those blow molds. To my disappointment, 2 out of 3 of the molds were already sold. I think I was more upset someone bought two, but didn’t also buy the third! Luckily I scored the last blow mold and luckily, my favorite!

It looks good already at home!

So I looked briefly into each box without completely going through them. I decided that two boxes had my attention along with some non boxed items and went to pay. Total damage? $25! That’s it! I was ready to get these home and see what treasures laid within these boxes.

Just waiting for these to be opened!

So without further ado! Jump into the video below and see what goodies are inside! If you don’t want to hear me geek out over the decor, you can skip to the end for close up pictures. Happy viewing!

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