The best thing you can do for your party is get some personalized party cups. You’ll thank yourself for this investment!

After Boos & Booze 4 I went back and forth at what went well and what could use an adjustment. I was scrolling through pictures of the party and I noticed most if not every picture had something in common besides people having a good time. The cheap Party City party cup they had. The marketer in me came out and i thought what if I could reduce the amount of trash each year AND brand the party photos without a watermark or logo. A personalized reusable party cup!

Since Boos & Booze 5 would have a theme for the first time, only fitting the cup would match. I had great success with Custom Ink in the past for my job for apparel, why not try them for cups. Their customer service is amazing. The prices were acceptable and the shipping was fast.

Now this is an investment since you have to order a minimum. I went with the 16oz Stadium Cup. This was the most cost effective cup and it seemed like a good size for a party. I was able to upload my design on the colored cup of my choice and have a proof sent to me to approve before they went into production. I ordered 75 cups and it came to about $200 with shipping. This again is an investment, I won’t lie but completely worth it. I got 100 plastic disposable cups from Party City for $7.99. Let your guests walk away with something they will actually use again. My guests LOVE them. They use them all year and tag me in pictures of them and again it gets your party out there.

It may not be best for your party if it’s your first year and you’re not sure what to expect or you don’t have a large group, but I definitely haven’t looked back and I’m excited to see what next year’s cup will look like! If you do get them, don’t put them in the dishwasher.

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