I’m always looking for a Halloween drink that isn’t too heavy and full of sugar. A drink I can have a few of and not feel weighed down afterward. Well I stumbled upon this one and I have a new favorite when it comes to a flavorful Halloween inspiring orange dream!

  • 8 cans of Bai Bubbles Jamaica Blood Orange
  • 2 cups Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
  • 1/2 cup Grenadine
  • 1/4 cup Lime Juice
  • 1 sliced Blood Orange (usually you can find them December through April so a regular orange garnish works too!)

Nothing too crazy when it comes to putting this together. It’s a punch so you’re going to put all these delightful parts into a jug, punch bowl, or whatever large vessel you have. Give it a good stir! Serve over ice and don’t forget to try it out for yourself. You know Quality Assurance is important! Garnish with a blood orange or any other orange you favor.

The Bai Bubbles I found at the grocery store where flavored waters, juices, etc are located. If you prefer not use the the Bai Bubbles because of the caffeine, you can always use a blood orange Italian soda or blood orange juice. These have more sugar content which could result in a sweeter drink, but add more lime juice to cut some of the sweetness.

Looking for a singular drink recipe? Mix one shot of Captain Morgan in a glass of ice with a splash of grenadine and a splash of lime juice. Fill with the Bai Bubbles to the stop and stir.

Enjoy responsibly! Questions or make something even better?! Tell me about it HERE!

I had at least two test drinks at this point.

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