A fresh fizzy mix of ginger, apple, and cinnamon, perfect for a quiet chilly October night. Sipping this refreshing libation transports me to nights of crunchy leaves, a well worn hoodie and a flicker of a nearby jack-o-lantern.

Three ingredients gives this cocktail it’s distinct taste and something that might be a favorite of mine. There are ways to really dress this cocktail up with even using fresh ginger, or apple cider if you don’t drink. Basically you could switch this recipe around making a non alcoholic version for kids.


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Prep time




  • splash Fireball Cinnamon Whisky

  • 1.5 oz Jim Beam Apple

  • Ginger Beer

  • apple garnish


  • Grab a glass and fill to the top with ice.
  • Add a splash of Fireball. Like just a splash. Too much could overpower the drink so tread lightly.
  • Add in your Jim Beam Apple and fill the rest with your favorite Ginger Beer.
  • Garnish with an apple slice.

Any questions? Please let me know! Enjoy responsibly.

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