Two words that you wouldn’t normally find partnered together are now joining forces in a gory goodie bite size dessert. These soft cake truffles have a red velvet inside with a white candy coating outside and garnished with bloody candied cleavers, axes, and knives for a touch of elegance.

If you were looking for a themed dessert for horror movie night or another quick and easy dessert buffet item for your busy Halloween party, then these will quickly become a yearly staple. I used a box cake mix and pre-made frosting. I know I know, the home bakers of the world are now after me with a cleaver. If you’re like me and you have a ton of things to make and do before any Halloween social occasion. It tastes essentially the same as homemade.

When making the cake balls, use a cookie scoop. It will help give you consistent sized truffles.

We talked about the cake and icing. Let’s talk about the melting candy coating. I used the Meltables from Michaels just because I am familiar with them and they really worked out for this project. If you have a favorite brand, go with it. A headache to avoid is making sure your candy melts aren’t too thick or too thin and your cake balls are chilled when you dip them. Presentation is key right?

The candy weapons are easy to find during the Halloween season at Michaels, JoAnns, Walmart or really any retailer that has Halloween baking supplies. If it’s off season that has you craving these gory truffles, you can usually find them on Amazon.

Let’s jump into the recipe!


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  • 1 Box of red velvet cake mix

  • 1 cup Prepared frosting (I used cream cheese frosting)

  • 24 oz Meltables Candy Coating (2 bags)

  • Candy Weapons

  • Red food gel (I used Super Red)


  • Bake your cake mix according to the instructions and let it cool completely.
  • Crumble the cake in a large bowl using your hands, until it’s all small crumb pieces. If you ever wanted to destroy a cake, here’s your chance.
  • Add about a cup of the icing or 3/4 of the container to the bowl and use a rubber spatula to fold in the icing into the cake pieces. You’re looking a consistency that holds together. You don’t want it overly wet. If you still have crumbles, mix a little more in.
  • Use the above mentioned cookie scoop to scoop out the balls. Roll the balls in your hand. I would suggest gloves as some of the red velvet color will transfer to your hand. I got about 40 balls from this cake mix.
  • Put the cake balls on parchment lined pan and let them chill for about an hour.
  • Microwave the candy coating, and stir often to help the process along. Don’t overheat.
  • I used a fork to dip the truffles into the coating and let the excess drip off before putting back onto the parchment lined pan. Before the coating hardens, stick your candy weapon into the cake ball before dipping the the next one.
  • Now that you have all the truffles dipped and topped with a weapon, let them chill in the fridge for about 15 minutes. Use a CLEAN paintbrush and the red food gel to paint on the gore! A little goes a long way. We don’t need to drench the truffles in red food coloring.
  • These can be made a day or two ahead of time and are best eaten (in my opinion) at room temperature. Enjoy!

Any questions? Please let me know!

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