Ah Valentine’s Day. Or in the Halloween world…Valoween. If we’re being real, everyone knows that Valentine’s Day should be dubbed 2nd Halloween. Please fund this. In the meantime, I thought I would throw some content into the world of Valoween with another Thrift Store Glow Up. This Valoween, why give a heart shaped box when you can give them a heart in a box!

Other items for this project were:

  • Haunting fabric
  • Heart (naturally)
  • Dead rose and branch
  • Hot glue
  • Painter’s tape
  • Black chalk spray paint
  • Medium crackle
  • Acrylic paint (Unbleached Titanium)

So I found this shadow like box at Goodwill with this fork and spoon attached to the back. Great shape for the heart in a box. I started by removing the back which was similar to a picture frame. I took off the spoon and fork which were hot glued and very brittle. I then removed the canvas backing.

I have plenty of spooky fabric at my disposal but none matched what I was looking for. Not to worry, I found a Halloween dish towel with the exact look I was going for and cut that to size (not the decorative hand towel!).

Once cut to size, I hot glued the board and laid the towel over top and let it dry completely.

In the meantime, I spray painted the box using my trusty black chalk spray paint. Since I couldn’t remove the glass I covered the front and back of the glass with painters tape.

While the box dried, I grabbed a bloody heart I have just laying around (I mean who doesn’t?!). I previously used this heart and added more blood and a clear varnish to achieve that wet and bloody look. I wanted to add something extra to it so I grabbed a dead rose, a small black branch and a small piece of moss. There is a small hole at the top of the heart so I stuck the branch and rose in that hole securing it with some hot glue and then adding the moss.

I then attached the heart to the backboard using plenty of hot glue for a secure fit.

Now that the heart was drying and the box with the black paint was completely dry, I used a paint brush and applied Medium Crackle to the entire outside of the box.

For those unfamiliar with Medium Crackle, it’s this magical application that creates a perfect cracked and distressed paint look.

Once I covered the entire outside of the box, I let the Crackle completely dry. Anytime you work with Crackle, don’t get impatient. Let it fully dry. Once it has I grabbed a new brush and my Unbleached Titanium acrylic paint and painted over the entire exterior of the box. Work fast as the crackle and distress will start to appear and work on one direction for ease.

Again, I let that paint dry and then attached the backing of the box. Now it’s ready for its debut on your next spooky date. No need to wait for Valoween. 


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