With a full moon and summer temperatures on the horizon, what better time to try out this bloody good dessert topping then now. I’ve wanted to try this homemade magic shell topping for awhile and after stumbling upon a recipe, I gave it go. These blood drip fudge popsicles are a love letter to warm summer nights and a nod to campy summer camp slasher films we all love so much. So while we wait for fall and endure summer, you can now enjoy the best of both worlds in one.

First off, I would post a recipe of the fudge popsicles I made, but my advice is just buy the fudgesicles and make the magic shell. Making those pops was a real pain and I burnt the first round of chocolate base and then what a mess filling the mold. So let’s just make some fun magic shell!


  • Coconut oil (NOT virgin)
  • Red Candy Coating
  • Fudge popsicles (store bought….trust me)
  • Oil based flavoring like cherry (optional)

This process goes pretty quickly. In a microwave safe bowl, put 2 cups of the candy coating and 1/2 cup of the coconut oil together. Zap them for a bout 30 seconds. Stir and repeat until the two are combined into one smooth and silky texture. If you had a flavor component, make sure it’s oil based and add a few drops to get the taste you desire.


So I tried figuring out the best way to get that iconic blood drip on these popsicles. I tried a squirt bottle..a mess…a gravy boat…bigger mess. Then I poured the mixture into a cup and dipped the who popsicle in and quickly pulled it out and let the drip effect take place as it hardens. Who knew the simplest option was the best. The mixtures hardens in seconds once it meets the cold so it won’t take long to set. Hold the popsicle at an angle to get an uneven blood drip. Repeat the process to get a multiple layer drip.

Enjoy immediately or carefully place back in the freezer for later. Happy full moon!

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