Boos & Booze 5 was the first year that I decided to go with a theme for the party. The first four were just Halloween party mashup. I decide to just go for the carnival theme but go a different route than just straight clowns and blood and everything you normally think of when you think of a carnival theme.

My real inspiration came from from a place called Theatre Bizarre. It takes place every year in Detroit, Michigan. They are known for music acts, burlesque dancers, suspension artists and sideshow “freaks”. Now I know I couldn’t do what they do….well not yet anyways, but I really liked the darkness and overall aesthetic of what they created.

So after watching videos and looking at pictures I wanted to create something similar yet my own.

Let the party begin!

One of the things I added with more detail this year was a photo booth and a personalized cup for guests. The photo booth was pretty simple. I set it up in a bedroom and bought a red velvet background from Shindigz and borrowed a fun and fancy bench from a local theater group. I hired a photographer friend (YES, PAY YOUR FRIENDS FOR SERVICES!) and she took photos all night in the photo booth and the next day I had them to send out to friends.

Obligatory photo test. I had to shave my beard off that year due to the fact I was doing show and couldn’t have it. Sadness.

That year the new IT had just hit theaters and I wanted to play on the clown and carnival part but wanted something different than IT himself. So I got a child mannequin and added a raincoat, rain boots, red balloon and so on. I hit him in the shower of the bathroom to freak people out. It worked out REALLY well.

Cleaning up this shower the next morning was a real joy……

All in all the party was a real success and another for the books.

Of course the biggest struggle is cleaning up after the party. But when something like that goes so well, you can’t help but smile.

The morning after.

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