Another year! Another KILLER party! After 2017’s success with having a theme, I decided to keep that up. A friend said since it’s your 6th party, do a 666 devil theme. Mind you this came from a very religious friend and I smiled deviously because I LOVED IT!

YES! A devil themed party. Plus this year yours truly was able to focus on being the devil and working the costume perfectly. Well…except…I sweat a lot running around playing host and my red makeup barely made it the whole night.

The photo booth made another appearance and a new personalized red Boos & Booze cup made an introduction. One of the newest things I introduced was a blacklight wall. Well I have always had a blacklight wall. This year though we turned it into a guestbook. People signed the wall and left all sorts of notes:

I also paid for a second photographer to come in and just take candids of the party catching people having a good time. He didn’t fail.

It was so great to see SO MANY of my favorite people enjoying the holiday I love so much and just being together for a few hours. I was so lucky to have someone around to capture these moments and not have to worry about them. Sam the photographer also got some great shots of the house.

Of course it wouldn’t be a great party without some selfies!