For this party I knew I finally wanted to jump into a theme I had thought a lot about. It was not only one of my favorite books, but also one of my favorite movies. Sleepy Hollow or The Headless Horseman. There were so many ways to bring this theme to life in party form I didn’t know where to begin. Well…kind of…I knew exactly but it was one of those things where I wasn’t sure which project to start on first. I had the pumpkins and I could make a headless horseman, but the woods were going to be an important element. I built some trees using some very simple and inexpensive products. You can see the tree building process here.

As far as the party was concerned it was another hit! Bigger than usual and near perfect weather. I consider myself very lucky when things go well with these parties. Everyone who comes has a great time, hopefully meets some new people, and gets home safely. There was really nothing new to this party this year. We had a photo booth upstairs with the Headless Horseman, a new personalized cup, blacklight wall and the usual food and drink.

Black light wall!

The one thing that was different this year I suppose was that I did a Mac and Cheese Bar instead of a full on buffet. This was a self serve mac and cheese bar where people would pile on the toppings. This was great because there were options for both meat eaters and vegetarians. Unfortunately, those who were vegan weren’t left with many options. I will work on that for Boos & Booze 8. I also borrowed a great coffin and turned it into a big charcuterie board filled with meats, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, sauces, breads, and more. It was an alternative to the heavy mac and cheese or if you were really hungry, additional food.

Mac and Cheese Bar and cocktail tables set up for easy eating and schmoozing.

The weather was so great, the backyard was a huge hit for everyone. Thankful for great neighbors who don’t mind the noise!

A full backyard!

I couldn’t ask for a better night full of wonderful people. Onward to number 8!

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