Lightweight in design and a heavyweight in the home decor department. This sign is sure to turn a few heads and add an awe inspiring look from fellow Halloween lovers. Perfect for any carnival themed Halloween party or the perfect conversation piece over your fireplace mantle.

What makes this so lightweight is every haunter’s favorite material. Pink insulation foam from Lowes or Home Depot. It lasts a long time and is tough enough to be handled while keeping its integrity.

The pink insulation board I used had a split down the middle at 4ft so it was easy to break in half with a little force. The sign itself is 8ft x 2ft. Once split, I painted the board with a white paint. Using an acrylic or latex will not dissolve the foam. Don’t use spray paint. It will eat away at the foam. Once that dried and I had two coats to cover the pink foam I taped off 1 foot sections to paint the black sections.

One foot sections give you even stripes across the sign.

I took the marquee letters and painted the outsides black and the insides orange. I used a burnt orange color to give it a more weathered look, but still pop of color.

While that dried I took more foam and sawed them down to two inch strips to create the raised border on the sides. I had enough so they could go all the way around the sign. Before attaching them I painted them white. Using black paint and the wood grain tool, it created the faux wood borders. Using the wood grain tool takes a little practice so be sure to practice on some foam or cardboard.

You’re not looking for perfection here.

Using the foam board adhesive, attach the border pieces and put clamps on them to ensure they stay put while curing. This usually takes 24 hours before they are securely attached. Moving on to the letter placement. Before adhering the letters, I placed them out to see spacing. I left room for the dummy mask too in the middle. Because the letters I bought were a little bigger, I had to arch them instead of going straight across. It was actually a mistake I’m happy about. Gives it a bit more personality.

Once they are placed but not glued, I took my spade drill bit to drill holes for the letter battery packs to fit through to the back. I placed the letters again and pulled the battery packs and wires through. Then I carefully adhered the letters using the foam board adhesive. There is no going back once they are on, so glue carefully!

Clamps are hard to attach with these being in the middle so I used some bricks I had laying around to put enough pressure on them so they wouldn’t come loose. Final step is to attach the dummy mask. Because it’s hollow and flimsy, I was worried about it getting damaged quickly. I used some expanding foam to fill the mask making it sturdier and easier to attach.

Give all these items time to properly attach and seal. At least 24 hours for each. Once everything is attached and secured, I did some touch up painting to cover glue seepage and missed areas.

For the back to hang on walls, I used frame wire. I was able to control the length and make for a sturdy hold. Because of the foam I needed to had hooks with liquid nails to the back so they didn’t come out.

It’s ready for it’s debut!

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