This project is super simple and honestly relatively inexpensive. Let your imagine run wild with these skull and flower combination. Also, it pays off if you have a friend who can arrange dead flowers and branches. These can be great additions to a festive Halloween wedding too!

  • Skull heads
  • Dead flowers
  • Branches
  • Moss
  • Hot glue gun
  • Green styrofoam

Skull heads. They are EVERYWHERE during Halloween. Every store has some version of skull heads made from all sorts of materials. If you’re like me you’re constantly hitting the thrift stores year round to find some treasure. Some days you luck out and other days you strike out. It happened that I hit gold one afternoon during the spring of 2019. I cam across these heavy plaster skull heads that looked like candy dishes perhaps? No matter, they were coming home with me and they weren’t going to be candy dishes. I had other ideas.

NOTE: If you can’t find ones that I stumbled upon, I suggest the styrofoam skulls from the likes of Michaels. They have different sizes and have a better look to them. Take the bottom of a glass and draw a circle on the head to create the area where you are going to carve out. Using a pumpkin carving kit or melon baller or spoon, carve out the cavity where the flowers are going to go.

Once completed, it’s time to take the green styrofoam and cut it down so it fits inside the skull head. Attach the bottom of the styrofoam to the skull with hot glue.

No brains in this one!

Next start clipping the dead flowers and branches in different lengths. You don’t want them to all be the same size so leave some taller than others. For the dead flowers I suggest buying flowers during the year. Once they “die”, tie them up and hang them upside down to fully dry out. Be careful with themas they will be brittle. For the branches, I use some branches I found at Michaels during Halloween clearance.

This is where having a friend who is good at flower arranging comes in handy. Luckily my friend, Leigh, executed this arrangement flawlessly! You may need to secure some of the flowers or branches with hot glue especially if they are a little top heavy.

Hauntingly beautiful!

Lastly fill in the area with moss to cover up the styrofoam and fill out the skull. Just like that, you have gorgeous arrangements perfect for any Halloween event!


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