Normally found in a pit full of pink eye, these hollow plastic balls have graduated up in the world to become garlands adorned over doorways, stairwells and patios. These are light in weight and suited for all weather decorating.

A fun project that took no time at all . I actually strung them together while watching a few scary movies. Let’s do this!

Real quick: Amazon seems to change the quantity of balls you can order from 100 to 500 so you may need to do some additional searching….unless you want 500 of one color. I bought 100 of black and 100 of the orange.

Once you have the balls (insert joke here) I started and drilled a small hole on either side of them so I knew where to push the needle through. You may find that you don’t need this step with the sharp needle. This just helped me for reference in where the middle of each ball was.

This step is definitely optional.

Once you have the holes drilled or if you’re skipping that step, I tied the string to the opposite end of the needle. I couldn’t find the long knitting needle I wanted. I did however find this blackhead remover kit online which proved to be more useful because it came with other tools that I can use for other projects. You need a needle that has a loop where you can tie the end of the sting to.

Once you have the loop tied you just feed the needle through each ball. I did 50 balls per strand. This made it easier to work with when hanging and if using two colors, you get one color at each end making it easier for stringing together and keeping the pattern going. Black, orange, black, orange, etc.

Once I have the 50 on a strand, I tied the ends in multiple knots. I also left a bit of string on each end in case I needed it. I would suggest limiting the slack you give each strand. You don’t want too much room between each ball. Now it’s ready to be hung in place for optimal decorating!

Happy haunting! If you have any questions, please let me know!


  1. Great tip on going to my makeup drawer and using that scary tool! I made a Mardi Gras garland and it looks great! Thanks!

  2. I like this idea. Better than balloons, but the balls were kind of pricey on Amazon, 100 for 39.99.

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