Charcuterie boards are all the rage these days and I mean I get it. I love a board filled with meats and cheeses. It’s not for everyone, so let’s switch it up and fill the board with Halloween treats of the candy kind. This board is fitted with fun fall flavored treats, Halloween classics and maybe something a little strange that boosted the Halloween serotonin coursing through my veins.

You can do a search for candy boards and really find some unique setups. I thought I would give it a try myself and see what I ended up with. By the end, I had an eye catching and overflowing display filled with orange, green, purple and even black snacks that has one helluva wow factor.

Why this is a “Food” post, there is no real recipe to this. These are some great places to grab some Halloween treats for your board!

Target: I mean you can’t go wrong with some of the treats they offer. Between festive gummies and a great selection of Halloween candies.

Sprouts/Whole Foods/ Fresh Market: These places have some really unique finds but can be a bit more on the expensive side. It’s worth it though! They have fun coated pretzels and different pumpkin spice flavored candies.

Local grocery store: Cookies and other treat sweets that are limited to just those stores make for great additions.

Home Goods/TJ MAXX/Marshalls: While looking for the best in Halloween decor, check out their selection of popcorns, candies and other treats. Sometimes you can find a hidden gem.

World Market: I mean this place is also a fun place to discover something new and exciting that you generally can’t find anywhere else. These guys tend to be on the more expensive side too.

Finally, when placing these treats, map it out and stack it up! Fill up the board and make it colorful! Fall items can be very orange, brown and beige colored so squeeze some greens and purples in. I would also suggest putting your board down and build from there. Moving the board is crazy once built.

Anyways, have fun with it and tag me in your boards! I wanna see.

Have questions? Let me know!

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