Curtain up! Sometimes timing lines up and a project idea clicks. A trip to the thrift store looking for something completely different and stumbling across a fun wooden stage with curtains and a small Halloween village building. Being a theater kid, I immediately saw the potential. I scooped them up and brought them home for a quick project.

All the players!

Other items I bought were a few miniature items from Michaels, a grass mat, and a battery operated string of strobe lights from a previous Halloween haul. Let’s jump in to the other list of items needed:

Once I cleaned out the wooded piece with some wood cleaner, I spray painted the whole piece with a matte black spray paint. I also spray painted the village house and dry brushed it with the Unbleached Titanium. Once fully dried, I covered the whole piece, minus the inside, with Crackle Medium. This will give the piece a cracked paint and an aged look. I let the Crackle fully dry and then painted the whole piece in the Unbleached Titanium. As it dries, the Crackle effect starts to appear.

I found this moody wallpaper that was very creepy and eerie and cut it down to size. I then glued those pieces on the inside of the piece.

I hot glued the lights onto the top of the piece underneath to hide them and the battery box. I also taped the wires to the top so they wouldn’t hang down or be seen.

A dab will do ya.

The final touches were adding the village house, grass mat and other miniatures. I secured them in place using hot glue.

Lastly I added some moss to amp up the aging a bit. And now, it’s set and ready for an audience!

Have questions? Let me know!

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