Snakes get a bad rap. In truth they are quite scary, creepy, mean and some are downright poisonous. However, charm the right one and they can be very friendly. Snake charmers have a tough job and one mistake can lead to one helluva bite. I have a cocktail that will do the same thing complete with a snake skin garnish!. While friendly, it can sneak up and attack without warning so enjoy this crisp refreshing bourbon drink, but don’t let your guard down. This snake can go from charming to hypnotically boozy quickly.

How to make a snake skin garnish:

Grab a potato peeler and peel a long stretch of skin from your orange. Do this more times than you think you need so you have a few extra just in case they don’t come out the way you had hoped.

Lay them down and use a sharp knife to cut in half. Cut in such a way that it leaves a pointed end. Do all this a day in advance. It will allow the skin to dry out which will make the skin easier to take on the food coloring.

Once the skin is dried out completely, use either a black food color spray mist or black food gel and coat the orange side of the peel and let it dry completely! Once fully dried, wrap around a pencil or skewer to let it coil up like a snake skin. Then you are ready to skewer and top your drinks off with the perfect creepy snake skin!


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Prep time




  • 3 oz Bourbon (Woodford reserve is my go to!)

  • 2 tsp Honey

  • 6 oz Orange Juice

  • 2 oz Blood Orange Juice

  • Splash Lemon-Lime Soda

  • Snake skin garnish

  • Oranges (snake skin)


  • Combine the first four ingredients together in a shaker with ice. And pour into a glass with the ice.
  • Top off with the soda
  • Skewer your snake skin and enjoy!

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