The freaks come out at night. Usually after a few drinks. What libations they must they be drinking? Full moons brings so much to the table. Full moons usually bring the idea of completion or transformation. Sometimes an awareness of reckoning or moment of truth. Whatever you believe or whatever a full moon means to you, the one thing it has in common for most of us is that it’s a natural beauty. Something that catches our attention like a sizzling plate of fajitas. Full moons remind me of Halloween, werewolves and providing that really gorgeous natural night light. I know….deeply original.

This cocktail is not deeply rooted or even very difficult to make. I stumbled on a version of cocktail like this at a bar I can’t remember, made from a bartender that made even less of an impression. Strange, cause usually I can remember most bartenders, especially since I was one in college. No matter. The thing I remember the most was that it was a martini with a big floating spherical ice “cube”. I do remember it was an odd color and cloyingly sweet for a martini. It had moon in the name because the large round ice sphere was to resemble a “full moon”. That’s the part I remember the most and was moonstruck to find many more recipes existed on their own but the only thing in common was this ice sphere as the moon.

So why not add my own version! Now, my version is STRONG. It’s a sipper. Before we jump into that, you will need the moon part of this drink and if you don’t have the mold for this ice sphere, I have you covered. Best part is they are cheap and this one comes as a set, so you get two!

Yah get two if them!

No on to the very simple recipe. It’s so simple, there isn’t even a recipe card for these. It sounds like a weird combo but hear me out. It’s bourbon and red wine. Equal parts. That’s it. I was skeptical too, but both parts together chilled on this large ice sphere really do make a wonderful combination…at least I think so. I’m not normally a red wine drinker, but mixed with some Woodford Reserve and it’s got potential. If you need something else to help carry the drink along, I might suggest either a little simple syrup or honey mixed with the bourbon. I’ve tried all the versions and they all add a little something.

I first put the ice sphere into the glass and then added in 1.5 oz of bourbon (I used Woodford Reserve) and then 1.5 oz of a really good red wine.

ALSO – if you’re not a big Woodford Reserve person, try Jim Beam Apple. The apple adds extra punch and even gives it a fall feel.

You really can’t go wrong with either of them, but maybe don’t try them all in one night. You might turn into a werewolf. Enjoy responsibly!

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